Business Coaching

Our approach to coaching


The purpose of coaching is to help you move forwards on your key objectives and challenges in a limited amount of time.  We are an external, independent, skilled resource for you, focused on supporting you to achieve your goals and resolve challenges - to increase your impact in the business.

Confidentiality and trust:

Coaching is a confidential relationship, based on trust.  So a good professional and personal fit between coach and coachee is really important.  We ask you for feedback at the close of each meeting, and to raise any concerns directly with us.  If, for any reason, the coaching relationship isn’t working, we’ll sort that out.

Style of coaching:

Our coaching style is exploratory: we help you expand your perspectives, generate a wide range of ideas and options, and enable you to choose the best way forward.  It’s not our job to tell you what to do – you know yourself, your colleagues and your work situation best.

We bring our own experience and a wide range of helpful models, theories, tools and techniques.  We will challenge you to think more widely and creatively, to challenge yourself, to be bold. 

Coaching clients often say that the value of coaching is the space and time to focus on what really matters to them – time that is rarely available in a full-on working day - and to make changes, choices and decisions with more clarity and awareness as a result.

"...There's something quite specific about your style of working which is this mix of reflection, space, direction, but actually always enabling and empowering ... empowerment in the sense of discovering something within yourself".

Vaughan Jones, Formerly CEO, Praxis